Our Services

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We offer mounting services on a variety of substrates including: Aluminum, DiBond, Epanel, AF Foam Core and 4-Ply Museum Rag to name a few using Acid Free and Ph Neutral or all natural adhesives. We are open to mounting on other substrates to meet your project's needs and if you desire a non-permanent presentation we do offer other solutions to maintain the original integrity of your piece and happy to discuss those options with you. 

We offer recessed back-framing made from poplar for those mounted projects that don't desire having the piece traditionally framed. Recessed back-framing is a minimal approach that leaves the artwork exposed and appears to be floating off the wall once installed. 

Please find product information about our substrates and recessed back framing here: 



For seamless, durable presentations, we build custom closed corner frames by hand out of industry standard hardwoods such as Ash, Maple, Oak, Walnut and Cherry to name a few. All of our wood no matter the species is sustainably harvested. In addition to our custom wood frames (traditional & floater) we also offer a variety of other framing options including welded steel and aluminum. All of our frames can be stained, painted or kept natural to meet the specifications of your project.  

To protect your piece, we carry a variety of different types of glazing for all traditional framing projects. We carry everything from standard framing grad acrylics to museum grade acrylics and glass. Regularly in stock we offer Acrylite FF3, Acrylite OP3, TruVue Optium, TruVue Optium Museum and Art Glass UV Water White.  If you aren't sure if we carry a specific material that you like or ordinary use,  we would be happy to speak with you about it and order it for your project if necessary. Please inquire. 




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All of our moulding starts out raw and can be painted, stained or if you prefer to see the natural wood grain, oil & waxed or sprayed with a clear poly. If your project requires a custom paint or stain, we are happy to mix that up for you and provide chip samples during the consultation process.  

Please note that custom color matching can take longer and may require an in person consultation. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you would like to discuss your options ahead of time or reside outside of Northern California.